Описание фотографии на английском языке (пример с картинкой)

 Чтобы описать фотографию (картинку), существует стандартный способ описания, то есть следует начинать с общего плана и постепенно  переходить к частному, или к деталям.  В конце обязательно надо сказать несколько слов о теме фотографии и о своем отношении к данной теме.

План описания фотографии:

  1. общее описание того, что вы видите (в данном случае, Красная площадь)
  2. детали (много людей, облачная погода)

  3. ваше отношение к теме ( хотели бы вы оказаться в центре Москвы, на Красной площади? — скорее всего, да.)

При описании следует использовать

  1. причинно- следственные союзы (придают вашему описанию логичность).
  2. вводные слова (придают вашей речи связность и естественность).

    Стандартные фразы и выражения описания фотографии

на английском языке

 Well, I would like to start with a general description.

 This photo shows Red Square in summer or in autumn. The weather is warm and there are a lot of people in the square.

 There are white clouds in the sky and it looks as if it is going to rain.  I can't see the sun, so it can be afternoon or evening.

 In the foreground just a bit to the right there is Spasskaya tower with the Kremlin Clock. I can't see exactly but I can guess that it is about four or five o'clock in the evening.The Tower and the Kremlin Wall are very attractive and many peole are walking near them.They may be guests from other cities of our country or citizens from foreign countries who came here to see this wonderful place, well-known all over the world. To my mind, they are having fun. I can suppose that some people come here to do the shopping or to go on an excursion.

The wall and the tower are made of red brick and if you look closer, you will see a star at the top. Behind the wall you can see a long yellow building, it is situated opposite the Clock Tower.

 At the first glance, the grey stone square is rather plain, but who knows how easy it is to walk here!

 Another kind of attraction is situated to the left of the Kremlin. It looks smaller but it is as beautiful as the Kremlin itself. I can guess that it is St. Basil's Cathedral, a wonderful Russian church. 

 In the background I can make out the outline of some buildings which stand out against the white-blue sky.

 As for me, I have enjoyed a lot describing this magnificent picture. This nice place makes me feel optimistic because in a few months I hope I will be enjoying visiting Red Square, too.

                                                       Describing a Photo

If you have to talk about photos or pictures the video and tips below will help you to do really well in this type of speaking exam. Cайт British Council окажет любую помощь тем, кому она нужна.

Вот только несколько полезных слов и выражений.

If you are asked to describe a photo or a picture in the exam, here is some language you can use:

What is in the picture?

 In the picture I can see ...

There’s / There are ...

There isn’t a ... / There aren’t any ...

Say what is happening with the present continuous

 The man is ...ing

The people are ...ing

It’s raining.

Where in the picture?

At the top/bottom of the picture ...

In the middle of the picture ...

On the left/right of the picture ...

next to

in front of



on top of


If something isn’t clear

 It looks like a ...

It might be a ...

He could be ...ing

Maybe it’s a ...