Quizlet, Facebook и не только.

Facebook for Learning

 Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and  fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin.

We can use Facebook for Social Learning – that is to build a community, communicate, collaborate with others, as well as share information and resources. In addition, it can be used for more specific formal, social learning events and programs.


 Twitter is a website, owned and operated by Twitter Inc.,which offers a social networking and micro blogging service,enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets.Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user’s profile page.

                                               Wikis in Education

 A wiki is a website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor. Wikis are typically powered by wiki software and are often used collaboratively by multiple users. Examples include community websites, corporate intranets, knowledge management systems, and note services. The software can also be used for personal notetaking.

                         Кроссворды...Что может быть увлекательнее?

Оказывается, есть возможность разгадывать кроссворды в режиме он-лайн. Попробуйте, не пожалеете. Нажимайте на поле данного кроссворда и приступайте к разгадыванию. Можно  создавать свои кроссворды, зарегистрировавшись на указанных сайтах. Удачи!  Создавайте свои шедевры!



  Multimedia Learnining ResoursesEducaplay

Find adjectives to describe weather in different seasons.

Quizlet - cайт для создания карточек и эффективного изучения английского языка.

              The mission 

  We're building a different kind of company. Our mission is to build beautiful, simple software that helps students learn. Our bottom line is the difference we make in education.

                                                            How Quizlet works

 Quizlet has no pre-determined curriculum. Students define what they need to learn, and we provide the tools. We help Art History majors learn paintings, Spanish students learn their verbs, 5th graders learn their spelling words, and new waiters learn the menus of their restaurants. Our aim is to build software that any learner can use, so we make most of our stuff free.

                                                    Quizlet's story

 Quizlet was founded in 2005 by 15-year-old Andrew Sutherland for a high-school French class. He wanted an easy-to-use tool for learning vocabulary. He built Quizlet for himself, shared it with his friends, and it grew from there.

 Quizlet is now among the largest educational websites in the world. Millions of teachers and students from every country in the world use Quizlet. Because our website is free, we see no limit to the number of people who could use it.

Quizlet is headquarted in downtown San Francisco, California.

                                                       Quick Stats

  • 91 489study sessions today
  • 50,661,178 visitors (last 12 months)
  • 13 027 163 study sets