Образование в Канаде.

  Школьное образование в Канаде

Education in Canada

  The school system of Canada is very much like the one in the USA, but there are certain differences. Education in Canada is general and compulsory for children from 6 to 16 years old, and in some provinces — to 14. It is within the competence of the local authorities, and therefore it may differ from province to province. For example, Newfoundland has an 11-grade system. Some other provinces have 12-grade systems, and Ontario has even a 13-grade system. Grades 1—6 are usually elementary schools, and grades 7—12 are secondary schools. In some provinces there is a kindergarten year before the first grade. Elementary education is general and basic, but in the junior high school years the students can select some courses. Most secondary schools provide programmes for all types of students. Some of them prepare students for continuing their studies at the university. Vocational schools are separate institutions for those who will not continue their education after secondary schools. There also exist some commercial high schools. Some provinces have private kindergartens and nursery schools for children of pre-elementary age.

  There also exist Roman Catholic schools and private schools in some provinces. In most provinces private schools receive some form of public support. Admission to the university in Canada is after high school with specific courses. Getting a degree in law, medicine, dentistry or engineering usually takes 3—4 years of studying. University tuition fees vary among different provinces. All provinces also have public non-university institutions. They are regional colleges, institutes of technology, institutes of applied arts, colleges of agricultural technology and others. Criteria for admission to these institutions are less strict.

Фото из нашей переписки с канадскими школьниками.

Letters from Canada

Dear Liza,

Yes I like New Years. I’m in grade 5 at Arch Street School. No, I haven’t been to the USA, have you? My favourite subject to do is math. I do like to study. Also at home. Our Christmas is on December 25th. I didn’t visit any countries yet. Where have you been? Do you have any pets? What school do you go to?




Hello my friend Lera,

Thank you for your letter! I am in grade 5. My hobby is to draw. I like to draw animals too! I love your name Lera. My favourite songs are Roar and Dark Horse. I watch YouTube but not always. My school is Arch Street Public School in Ottawa, Canada. I would like to know more about your country. What is Novokuznetsk? Can you tell me more about it? I like the picture that you sent me! I will wait for your answer!

Your friend,

Study in Canada

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