Развитие аудитивных умений. Задание повышенного уровня.


Задание по аудированию. Повышенный уровень (А1-А7)

I You will hear these numerals in the text, try to predict what they refer to:

 1 fifty per cent


  a) are happy with their lives



 2 thirty per cent

        b) would emigrate if they were free

people over forty             

         c)  age group

 4 twenty

         d) would like to emigrate

 5 two-thirds of British people

         e) would rather stay where they are


II Which country is not mentioned in the text?

the USA, Spain and France, Britain, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Russia and Poland

III You will hear the results of a survey. Read the questions. What do you think the text is going to be about? Listen and check your ideas.

1.     Would British people like to live in another country?

2.     Where would they prefer to go?

3.     What do younger people think about the new place of destination?

4.     Why are foreign holidays essential?

5.     The majority of British people prefer to stay in the country for their holidays, don’t they?

A new survey shows that two-thirds of British people are reasonably happy with their lives, at the same time an astonishing number of people would rather live in another country.

Thirty per cent would emigrate if they were free and had the chance to settle somewhere else in the world. In more adventurous about 20 age group more than 50 per cent would like to emigrate. The majority say they would prefer to go somewhere warmer than Britain. Among younger people the most popular destination would be continental Europe, particularly Spain and France. Outside Europe, other destinations would be Australia, the USA and Canada.

Most British people over 40 would rather stay where they are. In the older group nobody showed any interest in leaving the country. However, this age group also thinks that foreign holidays are ‘essential’. Most of them said that three weeks in another country was ‘as much as I can take’. The majority of British people want to spend their holidays in the sun…and on a beach where they can sunbathe, swim and play beach games. The minority prefer to stay in Britain for their holidays – although the weather is not always reliable. They would rather not have to bother with foreign currencies, frights, passports and different food. Britain has a long coastline so there are lots of places to go for seaside holidays and some people save money by doing self – catering, renting a holiday home or camping.



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