Russian symbols

Russia’s state symbols

 The Russian Federation state flag is rectangular in form and comprises three equal horizontal stripes: the upper one white, the middle one blue, and the lower one red. The flag is two-by-three in terms of length to width.

 The Russian flag was created when Russia built its first naval vessels, and was used mostly as a naval ensign until the nineteenth century. Geographical exploration and discoveries by Russian navigators laid the start of the white, blue and red flag’s use on dry land.

 The white, blue and red tricolour’s increasing use came to a halt in 1858, when the state emblems office at the Government Senate’s Heraldry Department proposed making changes to the national flag.

 The national flag must not be smaller in size or placed lower than the regional flag. A depiction of the national flag can be used as an element or as the heraldic base for Russian Federation state decorations, and also for the heraldic symbols, emblems and flags of the federal executive power bodies.

National coat of arms

In accordance with the Federal Constitutional Law On the State Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation, the Russian coat of arms is described as follows:

«… a gold two-headed eagle with raised extended wings set against a four-cornered red heraldic shield with rounded lower corners. Two small crowns top the eagle’s heads, with one large crown above them. The three crowns are linked by a ribbon. The eagle holds a sceptre in its right claw and an orb in its left claw. The eagle bears a red shield on its breast depicting a silver horseman in a blue cape, mounted upon a silver horse and slaying a black serpent with a silver spear».

Several variations are allowed in the coat of arms’ depiction.

National anthem

The National Anthem is one of the official state symbols of the Russian Federation.

The lyrics and music of the national anthem create a ceremonial composition intended as a symbol of state unity. The Anthem’s words reflect feelings of patriotism and respect for the country’s history and its system of government.

The National Anthem must be performed in strict accordance with the approved music and text.

When the National Anthem is performed at official occasions, the audience is expected to stand and men must remove their hats.

If the National Anthem is played while the State Flag is being raised, the audience faces the flag.

system of government.

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