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Непроизносимые буквы - Silent letters

Немые буквы

In an alphabetic writing system, a silent letter is a letter that, in a particular word, does not correspond to any sound in the word's pronunciation. 

Данный материал содержит список слов с немыми согласными буквами, с транскрипцией и русским переводом. Примеры слов с немой конечной гласной E также включены в список.

Transcription symbols in this material (Знаки транскрипции в этом материале)

[æ] as in CAT, MAN; [a:] as in CAR, HARD, CALM;

[i:] as in SEE, READ, CHIEF; [i] as in SIT, IN, MYSTERY;

[ai] as in LIFE, MY, BUY, ICE; [au] as in NOW, OUT;

[e] as in GET, TEN; [ei] as in LATE, RAIN, DAY, EIGHT;

[o] as in LOT, ROB; [o:] as in FORM, ALL, CAUSE, LAW, BOUGHT;

[oi] as in TOY, BOIL; [ou] as in NO, ROAD, LOW;

[u:] as in COOL, GROUP, BLUE; [yu:] as in USE, CUTE, FEW;

[u] as in LOOK, PUT, COULD;

the neutral sound [ə] as in BUT, SOME, AWAY, LESSON;

[ər] as in SIR, BURN, WORD, MISTER;

[ð] as in THIS, THERE; [θ] as in THICK, THANK;

[sh] as in SHE, FISH, NATION; [zh] as in USUAL, MEASURE, MIRAGE;

[j] as in JOKE, GIN, PAGE; [ch] as in CHEESE, RICH, PICTURE;

[n] as in NO, PIN, RUN; [ŋ] as in SONG, KING, BANK; [y] as in YES.

The stress mark ['] before a syllable indicates the syllable with primary stress. (Знак ударения ['] перед слогом указывает слог с главным ударением.)

Transcription is given according to American pronunciation. (Транскрипция дается согласно американскому произношению.)

The neutral sound [ə] may be invisible in Internet Explorer 6. (Нейтральный звук [ə] может быть невидим в Internet Explorer 6.)

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